Gianluca Guida

I met Professor Alexsander Madzar in a masterclass at the Turin Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi”, during the first year of my Biennium. Two years later, having completed my studies in Turin, I was admitted to follow his postgraduate course at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. It was a great opportunity and wonderful good fortune to meet a musician of such artistic depth and great culture at the conservatory right in my city, while I was studying. Now I live in Brussels. As well as my fundamental studies with Madzar, I can learn a lot from this type of experience abroad; living in a major European city and learning about new cultures is something I consider essential for the artistic growth of a musician.

Gianluca Guida (One of Madzar’s current students at the Conservatory of Brussels)



I met Professor Bruno Giuranna through the many professors that the Conservatory of Turin, with thanks also to the help of Professor Mauro Righini, has lined up in recent years.
After graduating and having been favourably impressed by these meetings, I applied to the Accademia Walter Stauffer, where I have been studying with the Professor for almost two years now.
The opportunity to come into contact with such a great teacher during my years of study has been a source of technical and musical transformation for me and an incentive to raise the quality of my work.

Giulia Bombonati (Biennium viola student)


The experience I had with Natalia Gutman proved to be one of the most significant in my brief musical journey. Following a masterclass with an artist of this calibre allows you to discover an immensity of new aspects about your instrument and to contend with those who often have a different conception of musical, and sometimes technical, interpretation than we are used to. This is in some ways a shock, due to being made aware of your own shortcomings and the amount of work we have front of us, but I think it’s positive if taken as a stimulus to face the elements that are brought to light, and I think that it is one of those fundamental milestones on a musician’s journey. You find out that the road is long and winding but also how beautiful it is.

I consider myself privileged as it is truly fortunate to have had this opportunity at my conservatory at a young age, and I hope it will happen again in the future with new students.

 Martin Maina (one of Professor Dindo’s current students at the Conservatory in Lugano)

maffolini andrea2Meeting with Professor Mintz, I had the opportunity to measure myself against my instrumental and musical limits, finding, with his cues, great incentives to deepen my relationship with the violin, my repertoire and my relationship with the stage. In the classrooms of the conservatory, Mintz made his experience available to all of us young violinists in his inspiring lessons, and has brought us unforgettable moments on the concert hall stage, rehearsing and playing with all the students in the orchestra, with which he performed solo, with the expertise and humility of a great musician.

Andrea Maffolini (Biennium violin student)


Playing for Andras Schiff was like being in touch with his personal musical world, unique in its interpretive spontaneity and freshness. I thank the professor for the generosity of his teachings and the Conservatory for this great opportunity.

Alberto Pipitone (ninth year piano student)


I will always fondly remember my experience at the Conservatory of Turin, which was like my second home from a young age and allowed me to love the whole three hundred and sixty degrees of music, giving me unforgettable educational experiences as a soloist, in chamber music, and in an orchestra. I am grateful to all the teachers that I met during my journey in Turin, who helped to make me a musician and, above all, a better person.

Fabiola Tedesco (Currently a student at the Vorarlberger Landeskonservatorium in Feldkirch, Austria)

Francesco Brancato

“For me, the Juilliard Masterclass was an opportunity for continued growth: I would not be who I am today without the experiences I got there. I played on two occasions with the pool of students chosen at the end of the masterclass, on stage at Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo, in front of thousands of people. It was an unforgettable and very educational experience.” 

(Francesco Brancato, Percussion, 1st year of the Jazz Biennium)


The masterclass with Professor Lang Lang was carried out in a wholly unusual way. Through a partnership with RAI, we were given the chance to play in front of a large audience, surrounded by television cameras. In this environment, characterised by great music, we came into contact with a world famous musician, who made us think about what our real role as musicians should be: carriers of a profound message to be passed down and explained to the greatest number people possible.

A journey through thousand notes, infinite colours, means of expression, phrasing, pauses, breaths and silences. An uninterrupted path on the discovery of an extraordinary musical world. The masterclass with Professor Bidini was definitely one of the best I’ve ever taken part in. Lessons, whose end was tied to a very precise reading of a text passed down for centuries, trying to get as close as possible to creating profound, authentic music.

Chiara Biagioli (currently a student in Professor Bidini’s class at the Hochschule fur Musik und Tanz-Koln)


The masterclass with Professor Schiff was a very exciting and interesting, and it was where I was first  able to come into contact with one of the greatest living musicians, who in a short time gave me many technical and interpretative ideas. I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in this event.

Claudio Berra, ninth year piano student

Riccardo Proto

“As they do every year, the Juilliard workshops represent an opportunity to compare yourself with musicians stationed in places that have always nurtured jazz at its highest level, and to draw inspiration from a well-organised educational system that is rooted in decades of tradition and, above all, permeated by a pragmatism that highlights simplification in the promotion of creativity “

Riccardo Proto (Jazz Double Bass, 2nd year of the Biennium).

Veronica Perego

“It was a wonderful, unique experience to have the opportunity to try out new methods of studying and approaching music with great musicians and teachers, all within the framework of the Turin Jazz Festival.”

Veronica Perego (Jazz Double Bass, 2nd year of the Triennium)